Patrick Nickleson   Chef, Culinary Director
Dawn Nickleson     Pastry Chef, CDM

Patrick and Dawn Nickleson met at a job interview where they quickly discovered their mutual love for food. Hardly a day goes by when they don't cook together. They inspire each other to learn new things and to have a creative and healthy approach to food and life.

Patrick has over 35 years of experience in the restaurant and hospitality industry. He started at 11 years old washing lunch dishes in middle school with his brother. Patrick has had several apprenticeships and worked his way up the ranks throughout the Twin Cities. His accomplishments include Executive Chef, Corporate Chef and restaurant Owner. He was the Executive Chef of Apple Associates catering in 1987 when the Twins won the World Series and 3500 fans flooded the Pillsbury Center for the celebration.

Patrick discovered the growing senior living industry in 2011 and has been a Culinary Director, a Corporate Culinary Director and has opened three new senior living properties.  Patrick is able to combine his passion for nutrition and food innovation with the knowledge gained from business management. He believes in teamwork, integrity, education and using the highest quality products available.

Dawn is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu in Patisserie & Baking. She has been a Pastry Chef in fine dining, bakeries and catering. In 2010 Dawn shifted her focus to senior living and earned the Dietary Manager Certification. She has been Director of Food and Nutrition in Rochester and the Twin Cities area. Dawn finds joy in serving the residents and becoming a part of their lives through food.

Together, Patrick and Dawn bring a unique collaborative approach to promoting and creating healthy delicious food. Patrick is energetic, hands-on, and believes that flavor is built on ingredients and technique. His passion is creating good food and teaching others how to create good food. Dawn continues to seek education on the regulations, trends and constantly changing environments of healthcare and foodservice. Through their work with senior living centers, and their involvement with Care Providers of MN, Leading Age of MN, and the Minnesota Gerontological Society, Patrick and Dawn strive to provide seniors the food they request and the quality they deserve.