operational Consulting

Understanding your business is the key to success. Foodservice cost is typically one of the highest spends in an organization. When staffing is tight, it is important to understand the basic needs of inventory, ordering, food preparation and food safety. Even when service is running smoothly, there are steps that can be taken to control inventory cost, increase efficiency and manage your overall budget.

managing inventory

order guides and placing an order

menu and production guides

staffing requirements

food safety basics

sanitation requirements

Cost control

Analyzing spending patterns is crucial to reducing expenses and can help your business thrive. We can assist you in developing the skills needed to analyze patterns, control overall cost and improve efficiency.

controlling food and labor costs

understanding pricing & Group purchasing

meal counts and plate costs

creating financial reports

new kitchen or renovation

As a restaurant owner, PDN has opened many kitchens and can guide you through the process of opening a bistro, a new property or a kitchen renovation.

workflow design and fabrication

purchasing equipment

purchasing smallwares

point of sale systems

designing menus

building inventory