Food is the cornerstone of life! For many of our customers - especially those in senior living - meals are the highlight of their day. Meals are not only nourishing. They are a time for socialization. The expectation for quality ingredients and nutrition-focused menus continues to grow in spite of a very tight labor market. The need for healthy and safe food is a constant; skilled labor is not.

hands on training

Increase the quality of food and exceed customer expectations by developing your staff. A few basic skills can be the foundation for great menus. Hands-on classes are taught at your site and at a time that works for you. Investing in the skills of your staff can increase morale and be a great team builder. Whether you want to focus on one specific area, or need the basic fundamentals that are taught in our From Knife to Plate class, we can customize a training package around your needs.

focus classes:

knife skills

cuts of meat & cooking techniques

building sauces & soups

basics of baking - bread, desserts & pastries

plate & buffet presentation

modified textures

From knife to plate

In just one week this class will take your culinary staff from learning basic knife skills to preparing a full meal including soup, salad, entree and dessert. Your staff will gain confidence in their abilities as they learn basic techniques.

dicing & chopping

building salad & soup

cuts of meat & cooking techniques

building an entree

sauces & gravies

organizing the day & production lists

baking bread & dessert

starches & vegetables

seasoning & sodium

Putting it all together

plate presentation & service

"He taught me how to make a lot of sauces from scratch, some of which I had NO idea how to start. I can now do many more things in the kitchen thanks to Patrick‚Äôs help."  - Peter G, Chef