As foodservice professionals, we know firsthand how challenging management can be. As the labor market tightens, the cost of hiring and retaining employees goes up. In order to meet the growing expectations of our customers, the cost of meals goes up. As the state and federal governments implement more regulations, the education and resources needed to comply goes up. At PDN, we have experience facing all of these challenges.

Interim management

Searching for the right manager can be a very long process. Weeks can easily turn into months, and most administrators don't have the time to run their kitchen. We can ease that burden with our years of management experience in both single-kitchen and multi-kitchen operations. We can step in and assume daily tasks:

inventory and purchasing

cost control

scheduling and managing staff

hiring and training

safe food handling and sanitation

complying with regulations

customer service

transition from from 3rd party management to self operation

"Patrick doesn't just lead, he participates." - Anne J, Administrator

" I think Patrick’s personality and managing style really made me enjoy my job and find my passion for cooking again." - Peter G, Chef