As foodservice professionals, we know firsthand how challenging management can be. As the labor market tightens, the cost of hiring and retaining employees goes up. In order to meet the growing expectations of our customers, the cost of meals goes up. As the state and federal governments implement more regulations, the education and resources needed to comply goes up. At PDN, we have experience facing all of these challenges.

menu writing and recipe development

Not only does the current population deserve quality ingredients and choices in their menus, the population entering senior living in the coming years will expect it. The baby boomer generation is quickly becoming the target population, and their tastes have evolved along with the evolution of food networks, corner coffee shops and healthier restaurant options.

The menu sets the tone for the meal. If it looks inviting, the menu creates anticipation and can draw in guests to grow your business. If it is unappealing, the diner already has a negative attitude toward the meal. There are many ways we can help you create excitement for your menus and dining experience including:

adding customer requests

offering more trendy choices in your daily menu

reinventing current cycle menus

creating an "always available" menu

hosting themed meals

scratch cooking and fresh ingredients