hands on training

Increase the quality of food and exceed customer expectations by developing your staff. A few basic skills can be the foundation for great menus. PDN will work alongside your staff at your site. By learning fundamental cooking skills, how to build flavor through understanding recipes and ingredients, and kitchen time management, your staff will have the confidence to create the food your residents love. Investing in the skills of your staff can also increase morale and be a great team builder. Following is just a sampling of the many skills that can be taught.

knife skills

cuts of meat & cooking techniques

dicing & chopping

building sauces & gravies

building salad & soup

baking bread, dessert & pastries

starches & vegetables

seasoning & sodium

building an entree

modified textures

organizing the day & production lists

Putting it all together

plate presentation & service

“He taught me how to make a lot of sauces from scratch, some of which I had NO idea how to start. I can now do many more things in the kitchen thanks to Patrick’s help.” - Peter G, Chef